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ZPol - pdf


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ZPol Radial Polarizer

ZPol Radial polarizer


  • Turns any linear polarized laser beam to radially polarized beam
  • Generate "Z" polarization
  • High transmission
  • Large aperture


Produced by Nanophoton


The ZPol turns any linear polarized laser into Radial or Azimuthal polarized light. This Radial polarized light can in turn be made to generate Z Polarization, or polarization in the direction of light propagation.

Z Polarization is produced by a combination of ZPol and a high NA lens. The focal spot given by the lens has strong Z polarized light resulting from interference of radial polarization at the geometrical focus. In other words you have a strong longitudinal electric field that oscillates along the optical axis at the center of the focus spot.

With Azimuthal polarization a strong longitudinal magnetic field is observed that oscillates along the optical axis at the center of the focus spot.

Z polarization enables one to obtain 3D orientation of molecules and crystals.



25mm diameter x 5mm thickness

Clear aperture:



Multi-order quartz waveplate


Four sections

Retardation error:

0.5 ±0.05 lambda as a waveplate

Optical axis error:

± 2°

Group delay dispersion:

~ 100-200 fs^2
>100 fs negligible


>95% typical