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Fermion I Turnkey - pdf

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Fermion I Series
Singlemode Fiber Turnkey System

Fermion I Fiber coupled laser


  • 405nm to 1550nm
  • Singlemode fiber
  • Narrow linewidths
  • Adjustable output power
  • Modulation or pulsed
  • High stability, low noise
  • Certified system


The Fermion I Series of Turnkey Fiber Coupled Lasers are designed to make using lasers easy and convenient. You just plug it in and turn it on. No additional power supplies or heat sinks are needed.

These systems have outputs up to 200mW from the end of singlemode fiber. All lasers are temperature controlled for high stability and low noise. A range of discrete wavelengths cover the span from 405nm to 1550nm.

Internally the lasers are coupled to singlemode fiber for that particular wavelength. This gives a spatially filtered output beam with a smooth Gaussian profile. Many of the lasers can oscillate in a single longitudinal mode or narrow spectral line. Options for polarization maintaining fiber also available. Lasers can run in CW, modulated or pulsed mode from zero to full output using the front panel knob or an external voltage source. A one meter length of fiber patch cord is included.

Output of the fiber can be collimated using our Fiber Collimators. They are available in different beam sizes with adjustable focus. Output is diffraction limited with low wavefront error. Please see the Fiber Collimator Series.

Other options include different cable lengths, wavelength combining, fiber splitters and polarization maintaining fiber.



400nm to 1550nm

Output powers:


Power stability:



to 1MHz

Internal fiber:

Singlemode for wavelength or PM

Panel connection:


Power requirements:

90-125 VAC, 190-250 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Operating temperature:

15 - 30°C non condensing

Storage temperature:

0 - 50°C


CDRH 21 CFR 1040.10 certified system and IEC 60825-1.2 compliant for end users


All lasers come with 1 meter detachable fiber for the wavelength of use.

Model Numbers

Model #



FI1 405M-15-TE/FC

405 +/- 5 nm

15 mW

FI1 450M-10-TE/FC

450 +/- 10 nm

10 mW

FI1 488M-15-TE/FC

488 +/- 3 nm

15 mW

FI1 520M-10-TE/FC

520 +/- 10 nm

10 mW

FI1 635-35-TE/APC

635 +/- 5nm

35 mW

FI1 638M-60-TE/APC

638 +/- 5 nm

60 mW

FI1 808M-200-TE/APC

808 +/- 5 nm

200 mW

FI1 830M-70-TE/APC

830+/-5 nm

70 mW

FI1 980M-250-TE/APC

980 +/- 5 nm

200 mW

FI1 1064M-200-TE/APC

1064 +/- 5 nm

200 mW


Stabilized Wavelength Lasers

Model #


Spectral width, typical

Output power

FI! 633D-5-TE/APC

633 +/- 1 nm

10 MHz

5 mW

FI1 785D-40-TE/APC

785 +/- 1 nm

10 MHz

40 mW

FI1 852D-50-TE/APC

852 +/-1 nm

10 MHz

50 mW

FI1 1064D-50-TE/APC

1064 +/- 1 nm

<10 MHz

50 mW

FI1 1310D-15-TE/APC

1310 +/-1 nm

<10 MHz

15 mW

FI1 1550D-8-TE/APC

1550 +/- 1 nm

<10 MHz

8 mW

FI1 1550D-20-TE/APC

1550 +/-1 nm

<10 MHz

20 mW

FI1 1550D-100-TE/APC

1550- +/-1 nm

<10 MHz

100 mW


Listed are the more popular wavelengths. Other power levels or wavelengths are available on special order.
Accessories include an extensive list of Fiber Collimators, Fiber Splitters and optical probes.