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Trade ShowsPhotonics West & BiOS

San Francisco Convention Center
BiOS - Booth 8609
Jan. 27-28, 2018
Photonics West -
Booth 316
Jan. 30 - 1 Feb., 2018





Micro Laser Systems, Inc. is a privately owned company estabilished in 1984 to provide high performance diode laser and fiber optic systems to customer requirements. This has resulted in some standard laser and optic modules and systems. Many semi custom systems from combinations of laser, optics and fiber optics are routinely made to satisfy the new ways in which light is used in various industries.

Our emphasis is on the design, manufacture and integration of laser, optical and fiber optical systems to manipulate the laser light in some fashion at diode laser wavelengths. As diode lasers have expanded from the NIR region to visible, UV and IR, so have our design and offerings. By partnering with Micro Laser Systems, you'll gain access to our great knowledge and expertise to provide a solution where all parts are matched and work seamlessly together.

We serve the lifesciences, defense and aerospace markets and R&D community. We work closely with our customers to make sure they end up with the results they expected.

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