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Fiber Collimators -pdf

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Large Fiber Collimators

Large Fiber Collimators


  • Apertures of 49mm and 96mm
  • Adjustable focus
  • Low wavefront error
  • Usable from 350nm to 2300nm


For those needing very large beams, we have our high performance FC40, FC45 and FC100. They have a multi-element design which gies a highly collimated beam with low wavefront error.

There are four different wavelength regions that span the range from 350nm to 2300nm. Focus is adjustable and linear with no rotation so you can tune to your wavelength. Once you are focused you can lock down. There is a second lockdown for vibrations.

Body is made of stainless steel. There are mounts available to hold the Fiber Collimators to stages and tripods.