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Fiber Focuser - pdf

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Fiber Focusers

FC Focuser


  • Air spaced design
  • 350 nm to 2100 nm
  • Low wavefront error
  • Various focusing elements
  • No fluorescence
  • Long working distances
  • FC, FC/APC or pigtailed
  • Stainless steel body


The Fiber Focuser is of a multi-element design that gives a tightly focused diffraction limited spot with long working distances. It consist of the FC10 Fiber Collimator plus a Focusing Cell. The Fiber Focuser is optimized for singlemode fiber but also works with large mode area (LMA) fibers and multimode fibers with different results.

We also manufacture other Fiber Focusers that start off with smaller beams and smaller apertures. These type of Fiber Focusers yield small spot with long depth of focus which are perfect for particle or cell analysis.

We also have larger beam Fiber Focuser that generate even smaller spot sizes

Oher options include optics such as linear, circular or radial polarizers, beam splittersor other optical elements. Diode lasers can also be supplied for a complete system.


Using FC10 fiber collimator at 635nm with a Focusing Cell.
Requires FC10 Fiber Collimator + FL10 Focusing Cell.

Fiber Collimators

Beam size Aperture size Divergence


~ 5.5 mm

11.9 mm

0.25 mrad


~5.5 mm

11.9 mm

0.25 mrad


Focusing Cells

Effective Focal Length

Spot size
(Singlemode Fiber)

Working Distance


11 mm

1/2 Mode Field Dia.

12 mm


32 mm

Mode Field Diameter

25 mm


50 mm

~ 8 mm

43 mm


100 mm

~16 mm

93 mm


150 mm

~23 mm

143 mm


Customization can also include other housing materials, mounting holes or slots, wavelength ranges and environmental concerns. We design, manufacture and assemble all parts in-house to give you the right focuser for the job.

Example of ~16um spot at 100mm diatnace

.Fiber Focuser 15um spot at 100mm