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Custom Fiber Collimators

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Custom Fiber Collimators

Custom Fiber Collimators


  • Designed for your application
  • Air space or other type optics
  • Variable or fixed focus
  • Housing and mounting options
  • Fiber and connector options


Our standard fiber collimators are great for prototypes and research. But once you have determined some parameters, you usually want to change the collimator to fit your application exactly.

We manufacture all parts of our collimators, from the lens design and lenses to the fiber assemblies and housing at our facility. This means we can change any parameter of the fiber collimator to fit your needs.

Typical examples involve something as simple as pigtailing or fixing to a certain wavelength or modifying the coating range. More complex requirements include withstanding radiation environments, temperature ranges, or a special optical design. We can also include additional optics into the design for a very compact, robust package.

We cover ranges from the UV to the IR. Since we have complete control of the manufacturing process, you can be sure that each and every fiber collimator will be consistent and meet your specific specifications.

In addition, we can also manufacture or include, accessories such as mounts, electronic focus, detectors or lasers.