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Come visit us at SPIE Optics & Photonics San Diego Convention Ctr.
Booth 329
25-27 Augustl 2020

New Products

Fiber Collimators:
* FC3 with 1mm beam
* FC7 with 3mm beam
* Pseudo Collimated

* SWIR Fiber Collimators
* New wavelength ranges for FC100



Diffraction Limited Diode Lasers and Fiber Optic Systems

Micro Laser Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures high performance fiber coupled lasers and fiber optic systems to solve unique requirements in the biomedical, military and industrial environments. We cover the range from 240nm to 6000nm with some standard products but also manufacture customized systems. Our knowledge in lasers, optics and fiber optics allows us to develope a system for your application so you can concentrate on your instrumentation or experiment and not on the laser or optical device.

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