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Lepton IV Turnkey - pdf

Lepton IV drawing - pdf

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Lepton IV Turnkey Series
Diffraction Limited Diode Lasers

Lepton IV Turnkey


  • 375nm to 1550nm
  • Circular Gaussian beams
  • Narrow linewidths
  • Variable output
  • High stability
  • Modulation
  • Certified system


For many users, a simple turnkey laser system is optimal so that you can concentrate on your experiment and not the laser itself. Having a diode laser with very high beam quality, narrow linewidth and high stability is what one expects of any laser system. Our Lepton IV Series of diode lasers provides an affordable alternative to more costly gas or solid state lasers.

All you do is plug it in and turn it on. No additional heat sinks or power supplies are required. Output is adjustable from zero to full output power. For the narrow line lasers, the temperature can be adjusted to move the wavelength. All safety features are incorporated for a fully certified system.

Accessories include beam expanders, focusing optics, filters, polarizers, beam splitters, etc. Adapter plates and rings are available to mount the laser with common optical mounts found in any lab.

OEM versions of these lasers are available with full control of all laser parameters.



375 nm to 1550nm

Beam size:

3-4 mm or 1-2 mm

Beam divergence:

<0.7 mrad



Power stability:



Analog, 2 MHz

Power requirements:

90-125 VAC, 190-250 VAC, 47-63 Hz.

Operating temperature:

15 - 30°C


Typical Spectrum of Some Diode Lasers

638nm spectrum660nm spectrum


Available Wavelenghs and Power Levels







375 nm 56mW

450 nm 50mW

520 nm, 40mW

633 nm, 80mW

785 nm, 64mW*

1064 nm, 64mW*

405 nm, 32mW*

473 nm, 80mW


635 nm, 12mW

830 nm, 40mW

1310 nm, 3mW*

405 nm, 120mW

488 nm, 50mW


637 nm, 136mW

830 nm, 120mW

1550 nm, 3mW*

405 nm, 240mW

488 nm, 150mW


638 nm, 25mW

852 nm, 40mW





642 nm, 48mW

852 nm, 64mW*





642 nm, 120mW






660 nm, 95mW






685 nm, 40mW






705 nm, 32mW




730 nm, 32mW









*Laser with a ( * ) operate with a single longitudinal mode.
Other wavelengths and power levels available on a semi-custom basis.


Ring Adapter to mount into 2" optical mounts

Lepton IV mounted

Plate Adapter for mounting on tables

Laser plate

Beam Expanders, 3X to 8X

Beam expanders

Optical Accessories: isolators, focusing optics



Specialty Diode Lasers

We have specialty diode lasers that are used in certain applications. Lasers for Raman are used in medium to low resolution Raman applications. Grating Stabilized Lasers are used in Raman or interferometry. Focused Spot Lasers are used in particle analysis, cytometry and sensing.