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Lepton IV OEM

Lepton IV drawing - pdf
Lepton IV drawing - edrw

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Lepton IV OEM Series
Diffraction Limited Diode Lasers

Lepton IV OEM lasers


  • 375nm to 1550nm
  • Circular Gaussian beams
  • Low wavefront error
  • Temperature controlled
  • High stability
  • Customized for your application


The Lepton IV Series of temperature controlled lasers are designed to give diffraction limited output with narrow linewidth and very high stability. They are a very affordable alternative to gas or solid state lasers. A nice benefit is they operate at low voltages, are very compact and last a long time.

Output power can be adjusted from zero to full output using the potentiometer or an external voltage. Temperature can also be adjust slightly to tune the wavelength a little with the potentiometer or external voltage. Monitoring pins can monitor the laser current, photodiode current, set temperature and actual temperature. An enable pin can be used to turn on/off the laser and temperature controller but still leave the main power on. Laser housing has ample mounting holes

These lasers can be customized to your requirements. Examples are beam combining, different beam shapes, focused spots at a distance, integration of optical elements, or wavelengths not listed.

Accessories include beam expanders, focusing optics, filters, waveplates, polarizers, etc.



375nm to 1570nm

Beam size;

3-4mm or 1-2mm

Beam divergence:

<0.7mrad, 1mrad

Wavefront error:

<1/10 wave



Power stability:

<1% total

Power requirements:

5-8 VDC, laser current plus100mA
5 VDC, 2 amps current for TEC


Typical Spectrum of Some Diode Lasers

638nm spectrum660nm spectrum

638nm 25mW spectrum and 660nm 70mW spectrum are shown.

Wavelengths and Powers Levels







375nm 56mW

445nm 80mW

505nm, 64mW

635nm, 6mW*

760nm, 24mW*

975nm, 240mW

405nm, 32mW*

450nm, 40mW

515nm, 64mW

635nm, 12mW

785nm, 64mW*

980nm, 240mW

405nm, 100mW

473nm, 80mW

515nm, 20mW

638nm, 25mW*

785nm, 120mW

1064nm, 64mW*

405nm, 120mW

488nm, 20mW

520nm, 40mW

640nm, 48mW

808nm, 120mW

1064nm, 240mW

405nm, 240mW

488nm, 50mW

520nm, 60mW

642nm, 120mW

830nm, 40mW

1310nm, 3mW*


488nm, 150mW


660nm, 70mW*

830nm, 120mW

1550nm, 3mW*




660nm, 95mW

852nm, 40mW





685nm, 40mW

852nm, 64mW*





705nm, 32mW*

852nm, 120mW



730nm, 32mW*











* These lasers can operate with a single longitudinal mode with high wavelength stability.

Many more wavelengthsa and output powers are available for OEM users. These lasers can be customized for your application. Optical assemblies, detectors or other optoelectronic or mechanical devices can be integrated with your laser for a complete optical engine.

Many of these lasers operate in a single longitudinal mode. Please call or email for more info.

Specialty Lasers

We have specialty diode lasers that are used in certain applications. Lasers for Raman are used in medium to low resolution Raman applications. Grating Stabilized Lasers are used in Raman or interferometry. Focused Spot Lasers can be used in particle analysi, cytometry or remote sensing.


Accessories include Beam Expander, focusing elements, optical isolators and other optics that can be integrated into the laser head.