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SRT-F Series


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Fiber Coupled OEM Lasers

OEM fiber coupled lasers


  • 375nm to 1550nm
  • Singlemode, polarization maintaining, multimode fibers
  • Temperature stabilized
  • High stability
  • Low power requirements


The SRT-F OEM Series of fiber coupled lasers are temperature controlled to provide a highly stable laser with excellent beam quality. A range of discrete wavelengths are available from 375nm to 1550nm.

Lasers are coupled to singlemode, polarization maintaining or multimode fiber with high output powers from the fiber end. The laser body contains the laser, thermistor, TE cooler, heat sink and coupling optics in a compact package. Drive electronics are separate from the laser head making for a more compact device.

Two choices of fiber coupled lasers are available. One with a spectral bandwidth of <2nm and the other with a spectral bandwidth <0.1nm. Please call for details.

Output can be collimated with our FC Series of fiber collimators with adjustable focus. They are available with apertures from 6mm to 45mm. Please see the Fiber Collimator data sheet.


Lasers can be customized to include fiber couplers/splitters, fiber collimators, combining 2-4 wavelengths to one output for an all fiber solution, combine detection and add other optical devices onto a common platform. Higher output power lasers and other wavelengths are also used to create all fiber optical engines. Special environments and conditions can be accommodated as well.

Specifications for Singlemode Fiber


375nm to 1550nm

Optical power:

6mW to 100mW

Power stability:



Singlemode, polarization maintaining, multimode


3mm or 900µm



Power requirements:

5 VDC, 2 Amps for lasers >600nm
8 VDC min. , 2 Amps for for lasers <600nm

Operating temperature:

15°C (or dew point) to 30°C

Storage Temperature:

0°C to 70°C


Wavelengths Available for Singlemode and PM Fibers



405nm, 50mW

785nm, 40mW

445nm, 15mW, 35mW

830nm, 50mW

473nm, 35mW

852nm, 50mW, 40mW

488nm, 20mW, 50mW

975nm, 120mW, 40mW

515nm, 15mW, 25mW

980nm, 120mW

638nm, 10mW

1060nm, 40mW

640nm, 25mW

1064nm, 100mW

642nm, 50mW

1310nm, 3mW


1550nm, 3mW


Wavelengths Available for Multimode Fiber



375nm, 150mW

808nm, 450mW

405nm, 450mW

830nm, 450mW

445nm, 450nm, 450mW

980nm, 450mW

488nm, 150mW


515nm, 40mW


638nm, 150mW


670nm, 300mW



Many more wavelengths available in current package or butterfly package. Please contact us for more information.